5cookies is a graphic design studio based in Mechelen (Belgium) and specialises in graphic solutions for the artistic world. We combine our graphic skills with our passion for music and art!



5cookies is the playground of Wooty Maurits, who earned his stripes as an art-director/project manager in several international companies in Belgium and abroad. 5cookies focuses mainly on the artistic world but we're also perfectly suited for all your B2B and B2C needs...

  • Graphic design: corporate identity; logo design; CD and DVD artwork; all kinds of print like books, brochures, posters, etc.; full campaigns from A to Z. You name it, we create it!
  • Photography: want to see us jumping up and down from excitement? Tell us you need us for a shoot, but you hate the classic shots... Oh yes we love to be creative with the camera!
  • Web design: safe the trees! Cut back on print and let's pollute the www! We're here for all your online needs too.
  • Audio and video: we also create music with 5cookies. We made scores for several nature documentaries, radio advertisement and background music. Voiceovers for corporate videos etc. We're also experienced with directing and managing video material.
  • Artist management: since a couple of years we also manage a Belgian artist named Keith Canvas. With great success it seems. Make sure to check out this very talented jazz vocalist!



5cookies is a creative collective, meaning we actually do not have an office filled with people who need to get paid every month, nope instead we work with freelancers. For every single project we evaluate the needed expertise and accordingly we gather a team of freelancers to offer you the required professional results.
So you only pay for what you get... seems about right to us. 🙂



Because we do what we love and we love how we do it!



Want more info or you need an offer for a specific project?
Contact us: info [at] 5cookies.com or call +32 479 975 591